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Relief is on the Way

Active Recovery for your Spine and Lumber Support is right around the corner with your portable MisperSpinecy™ companion.

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  • doctor

    Recommended by Doctors and Chiropractors

    Provides the Maximum Support and Comfort you can ever have to finally say goodbye to dreadful Back Pains and Painful Coccyx Problems.

  • abs

    Versatile and Multi-Purpose

    Lumbar Relief is only one aspect of the MisterSpinecy™ but the ability to utilize it as a support system for abdominal workouts makes this product versatile and reusable.

  • luggage

    On the Go

    The MisterSpinecy™ Lumbar Companion is super compact and it’s’ collapsable arch module makes it easy to pack away in your suitcase when you are on the go

  • massage

    Amazing massage

    88 massage points that are like acupuncture in the traditional Chinese medicine, pressing different parts of the body while stretching.

Fix poor posture naturally and eliminate back pain in less than 10 MINUTES PER DAY.

Back pain is a chronic condition that millions of people struggle with daily. If you’re one of them, you know how not only uncomfortable it can be, but also how annoying it is!

It's packed with so much benefits!

Prevents spinal deformation and bending
Eases back muscle pain and lumbar pain
Makes the body more flexible
Corrects kyphosis and deformed spine
Reduces systemic muscle tension
Reduces effectively fatigue and stress
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